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Buyer's Guide


Prepare and Plan

Deciding to Buy
Getting Organized

Shop for a Home

Selecting an Agent
Research Markets
Finding a Home

Buy a Home

Choosing a Home
Making an Offer
The Contract

Close the Deal

Getting a Mortgage
Preparing to Close
Closing Title
Moving In

Shop for a Home - The actual search for a home can be the most daunting part of your buying experience. You've done the preparation and research - now it's time to put it to use.

Finding a Home

There are two primary characteristics of a successful house hunting experience - staying focused on exactly what you want and exposing yourself to the maximum number of suitable properties. Your agent can help you find suitable properties, but it's up to you to remain calm and keep your wants and needs in mind.

  • Work with Your Agent

    Your agent should compile a selection of properties that match your general search criteria and arrange for viewings. But you can also reap additional benefits from your relationship with a well-chosen realtor. Review our tips for working with a realtor for some suggestions.

  • Look Around Yourself

    Your agent will find most of the available homes in the area, but you can help in the search. Check the weekly real estate ads in the local paper, and drive around any neighborhoods you find attractive looking for signs or open houses. Your agent can arrange a showing of any interesting properties.

  • Get the Info You Need

    Make the most of your home shopping time. Remember to bring your wish list. Don't forget to ask questions during showings - get all the information you'll want later when you're considering each property. Review our home evaluation checklist for a summary of what you'll need to ask.

  • Check Out New Housing Projects

    Don't forget to check out new housing developments in the area. New homes offer many advantages, including warranties, customization, and modern features. You can get a good idea of the new housing projects in your area from your agent or through ads in the local newspapers.

  • Should You Consider Building?

    Building a new house is stressful and time-consuming, but the reward can be considerable - the chance to have a home that is custom-designed to suit your family's needs. If you're considering this route, our guide to building a home will give you an idea of what to expect. Your agent can help you find a lot (and probably a builder as well).

  • Finding a Good Deal

    It's always difficult to find a suitable home at an attractive price, particularly in a strong market. But good deals do exist. Let Rosa Tarantino help you find the right home at the right price.